Hello! I'm Danni, founder of Oh Sew Quaint - a place where I share with you my love of sewing. I'm on a mission to learn to sew while making an entirely handmade wardrobe, and I share the highlights and the downfalls of my sewing journey on my blog.

I'd love to inspire more people of my generation to sew, which is why I also set up my etsy shop, also named Oh Sew Quaint. After looking at a selection of product to build up my sewing box, I was disappointed with the lack of colour ranges and designs sewing equipment comes in.

Sewing to me is a big expression of personality, and why shouldn't your sewing tool kit reflect this as well as your clothes? Using tools that I find cute and fun makes every aspect of sewing even more joyful - even the dreaded pattern cutting stage thanks to my pattern weights!

It all started when I planned to make a set of macaron pattern weights for myself, then two thoughts crossed my mind. Would other people want fun and unique items to fill their sewing boxes? Would anyone else want a set of these pattern weights?

So, I decided to put my pattern weights on Etsy, and clearly the answer to those question was YES - many seamstresses want to fill their sewing boxes with cute and colourful items, and so it's my plan to make that happen.

All of my handmade products are lovingly made in my home studio in the heart of rural Shropshire. I honestly would not have thought that my little product idea could have grown into a full time business, putting smiles on hundreds of people's faces when they open their parcels from Oh Sew Quaint.

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