Sunday, 22 January 2017

New Product! Fondant Fancy Pattern Weights

I'm excited to announce a new product in my Etsy store available to buy here. The pattern weights come in a box of 8, each cake weighs approximately 30g, which is 50% heavier than my other pattern weights!

The weights are based on a popular cake available in the UK called French Fancies, a small sponge cake topped with a small mound of buttercream and then iced in the iconic cocoa, strawberry and lemon colours. Currently, I will only be stocking these iconic colours, but I hope to release a pastel variation in the near future!

The weights are presented in a small white box, embellished with a pink polka dot ribbon and a small fuschia bow, making them ideal presents for the seamstresses in your life (or for a little treat to yourself!). The weights arrive in small paper cupcake cases for presentation purposes, though they are intended to be used without this wrapper. 

If you have not used pattern weights before, they are a very handy tool in dressmaking. They substitute the use of pins when cutting out fabric with a sewing pattern, making the process quicker as the weights can be easily removed from the pattern and shifted from piece to piece, unlike pins which lengthen the process. When paired with a rotary cutter and cutting mat, pattern weights can help you to cut out patterns neatly and efficiently, once you've tried these pairings you'll never go back to pins and scissors!

Would you like to use these delectable pattern weights in your next sewing project? Head over to my Etsy store for more information on this product and my other pattern weight selections. I will be updating the shop with 25 boxes every Friday, this is so my production queue does not become hard to manage as each product is handmade to order. If you miss out one week, they will always be available the next - though if you are desperate to get your hands on a set and are limited with time, you can message me at or set up a custom order request on Etsy and we can negotiate from there.

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  1. I saw these over on The Yorkshire Sewist. They're fantastic! And so realistic. I can see why tiny people may be tempted to have a nibble!


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