Friday, 28 October 2016

Handmade Pattern Weights - an adorable and practical addition to your sewing box

The Oh Sew Quaint Etsy store is now open for business! Products available include these cute, handmade polymer pattern weights in doughnut and macaron shapes. Below are some frequently asked questions about the pattern weights. If you would like to read a review, then you can check out The Craft Pinups review.

How much do they weigh?

Each piece weighs approximately 20g, though due to the handmade nature of the product, some can be under or over by a gram.

How many do you get in a box?

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Pattern Review: Clemence Skirt from Love at First Stitch by Tilly Walnes

Before moving on to some of the commercial patterns in my ever-growing stash, I decided to do another Tilly pattern as I had so much success with the last one. Plus as a beginner seamstress, the simple design of the Clemence skirt didn't seam as daunting as some of the patterns in my draw. That being said, there were plenty of new skills for me to learn with this skirt!

Top: Silk Blouse H&M, Shoes: Carlita Cove Clarks

For the first time I added pockets to a garment, did some french seams, gathered a waistline and put in a concealed zip (eek!). As I got started with this project, I wondered if I had bitten off more than I could chew! I naively thought I could cut out and sew this all in one day - HA! How wrong I was...

Monday, 3 October 2016

Pattern Review: Margot Pyjamas from Love at First Stitch by Tilly Walnes

Hello lovelies! Today I'm sharing with you my experience with making the Margot pyjamas from the book Love at First Stitch by Tilly Walnes. If you haven't already got your hands on this book then I seriously suggest you get yourself a copy. It's beautifully designed, has some great sewing tips for beginners and the patterns are adorable. There is something in there for everyone, especially this pattern - who doesn't love pyjamas!

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